Satan, Sin, Inji and the turtle walkers

As we approached the Valmiki Nagar stretch of beach, we peered towards the buildings anxiously, looking for our friends. We had already collected eggs from two turtle nests, and had more than 300 eggs between the two of us. It was 1 in the morning, and we were tired and sleepy but all of this vanished and our hearts filled with joy and affection as we saw them running towards us.

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Down Memory Beach

Entering the turtle world

V. Arun

I first learnt of the turtle walks conducted by the Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) during the first year of its establishment. I had gone with a cousin to his friend’s house and there was Smitha leaving for a turtle walk at 10 pm. I was pleasantly shocked. This was 1990 and in conservative Chennai, here was a girl going off with some boys on an all-night assignment!

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