Action, reaction, and inaction: what makes the difference?

V. Arun

I frequently ponder over the theme of this issue. Why do some people feel a need to act while others do not? Also, how do people choose their scale of action. Is it chance? Personality? Does it have to with the influences? I have not really found the answer, but I will share my own journey and through that try and explore what made me respond to life in the way that I have.

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Marudam in Song and Dance

We are delighted to share Marudam in a song and dance !

Recently, our friends Krishnapriya, Naren and Vignesh collaborated with Marudam for their musical project, Anbenum Peruveli, concieved by Onemai Foundation.

The project is a musical exploration by singer Sanjay Subrahmanyan, in presenting the poetry of the 19th Century Tamil saint Ramalinga Adigal, popularly known as Vallalar, as an original and new musical collaboration with the composer Sean Roldan.

One of the six parts, Vallalar, of the music album was shot in Marudam in December 2023.